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Building an Effective Web Presence

We believe there are several critical elements that contribute to a successful web presence — and the web site itself is just one.

You may find it's more effective to sponsor other web sites than to develop comprehensive content yourself. You may find your site makes the best contribution when it's used for operations and internal communications. And you may find that having a fully developed web site is the best solution to meet your business goals.

The web is not fully realized and there are no standard answers. You need to experiment. These questionnaires will help you focus. An effective web presence is made up of three key elements: Relationships, Promotion, and the web site.

  • The Web Site
    • Content
    • Branding - Navigation / Look & Feel
    • Commerce / Database Management
    • Domain establishment / Web Hosting
    • Maintenance
  • Promotion / Online Marketing
  • Relationship Management

Planning is key. It has been our experience that most of the problems site-owners run into are the result of not having planned their web site adequately from the start. One of our specialties is to help our clients focus, minimizing potential problems by including thoughtful planning and design from the beginning.

We have developed some questionnaires that allow our clients to begin thinking about what it will take to be online. In addition to these fairly tactical questionnaires, a company that embraces the web and the new economy will need to take into account the implications this has for organizational change, operational processes, existing resources (money and personnel among others), potential capital investments in systems, and collaboration. We can help through all these processes.

These questionnaires reflect a significant emphasis on establishing clear goals and budgeting.

Web Site Development Questionnaires

Site PR Questionnaire

We hope that using them will help you understand what it will take to have an effective web presence.

In addition we have developed a list of What Web Sites are Good For. This list is growing and changing all the time — as we all discover new and more powerful uses of the Web.

  Bete Noire   paula hendricks can help you through these questionnaires — and with any specific web site needs you have. Contact us for more information. On-line and off-line teams, like ours, can provide whatever knowledge or skill is required by your business/ site/ marketing efforts. We would love to help you.

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