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Communications Consultant - Web Entrepreneur

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Paula Hendricks

Communicatons Consultant - Web Entrepreneur
Objective / Skills Summary / Details

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*Objective / Skills Summary
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  ·· Marketing / Branding / Advertising
  ·· Web Site Development
· Communications
  ·· Writing / Content
  ·· Photography
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OBJECTIVE:    To build long term meaningful relationships with companies who trust me to help them solve their communications and eBusiness problems with the relevant mix of strategic marketing, technology, branding, and common sense.


SUMMARY:    What I'm really really really good at is ... conceptualizing, defining the box, the structure, then developing and implementing the plans to make it all happen (come together.)

My background combines eBusiness strategic consulting, early e-Commerce and web site development with classic strategic planning, marketing and advertising. I have expertise in communications, content & design, media, and branding.

I am passionate about building something new, the web, relationships and combining creativity and business.


DETAILS (Skills):

Gifted communicator:    Translator / synthesizer. Editorial / content on-line and off-line (Ms magazine, Soldier of Fortune, The New York Times,, and,) including articles about the web and technology. Writer/photographer of two books on environmentally responsible building techniques. Conceived / conducted workshops (writing, photography, web site development.)

Proven leader / team player:    Recognize need for leadership as well as effective team participation. Assumed leadership of 22 fiercely independent artists to build co-op art gallery in New Mexico. Created business strategy / structure, policies / procedures for a sustainable organization. Continued success 6+ years later.

Change agent / Demonstrated strategic thinker & creative problem solver:    Identify essential issues quickly, assess potential problems / opportunities, develop & implement appropriate action plans. Identified opportunity to expand introductory target market of Tylenol. Persuaded key players to adopt new strategy. Implemented plan. Became #1 analgesic in USA.

e-Commerce pioneer / Internet & web savvy:    Envision bigger picture, conceptualize and implement action plans. Identified opportunity to expand e-commerce business idea, persuaded partners to build options into programming that resulted in a broader client base and a new industry model. Made money from day one.

Selected Recent Assignments:

  • Web contract work with Wells Fargo (4 months): Spearheaded project at Wells Fargo to move content from internal to external web host. Identified potential pitfalls and need for "correct" web vendor.
  • Interim Project Management for Halleck (4 months): Provided senior level account mangement during intense development phase of client's product launch -- valued as internal SWAT team member.
  • VP Marketing, (2 years): Established first e-Marketing / e-Commerce services for automotive network being developed from existing automotive directory (dot com start up). Associated with Wilder & Associates (Internet consultants based in Toronto).
  • eBusiness Strategic Consultant for Tilia (10 months): Created visions for web and consumer direct business, was catalyst for assessment and build-out of necessary, basic infrastructure (IT, CRM, web), set up direct marketing organization.



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