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My Opinion covers issues about the power of the Web, lean and mean web sites, about what makes good design, and why you should use professionals for your business needs. Your comments are more than welcome, and eventually there will be a form so you can register them here. In the meantime, contact Paula with suggestions.

I believe the Web will change how we do business. I believe it will change dramatically how we buy things, make reservations, and how we interact with both local merchants and global manufacurers. I don't believe the big issue is security -- the big boys & girls and the money men & women will figure that out before too long. I believe the issue is store fronts and malls. What will happen to them? How will I test drive a car if I want to buy it off the web? How will I try on clothes if I want to buy on-line?

I believe in lean and mean web sites. I believe they should be easily navigable. I think the pages should load quickly unless there are specific reasons to do otherwise (such as larger graphics to show an artist's work).

I believe your web site should resonate with your other public relations and advertising/ marketing efforts. Yes, I believe you should take advantage of the environment of the web -- but not at the expense of your purpose, your goal.

I believe in staying current with technological possibilities on the web and take advantage of them when relevant. I do not believe in including technological gimmicks just to prove you can. For example -- frames. Frames can help navigation through a complex site -- but they can also make your pages very difficult to read. Web pages with all the browser button are busy to begin with. Use frames and other technological marvels with caution.

I love the Java stuff -- all of it -- the applets, the script -- I go look at it -- watch the steam rise from a cup of coffee, watch a letter get folded and put in an envelope. But, if it isn't relevant to your message, to your site, to your business, be careful that you don't get too clever. Looping animation can crash computers and extensive use of high bandwidth processes will slow down your server and the Internet overall. But, over the long haul, java and javascript will make our pages more intelligent, will allow for personalization and "smart" sites. It can still crash browsers and there are still security issues. But it's gonna happen.

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For copies of other articles and books (home theater products and experiences, environmentally responsible building techniques and tire houses, as well as interviews), please go to my Writing Archive for more information.

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