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paula hendricks & associates is a full-service web development and marketing services firm, specializing in careful planning and personal attention to your business.

overView describes our marketing and web development services.

myOpinion is where you can read paula's articles about the web.

siteQuestionnaires by ph&a can help you plan your web site carefully from the start.
whatTheysay about paula hendricks is worth reading. Her personal attention to your business delivers many years of creative and strategic experience in a broad range of intensive corporate marketing environments.

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Many people can slap a page up on the web quickly and cheaply, but if you want a premiere site that reflects you or your business—one that is dynamic, complex, and integrated with your other communications efforts—then you might benefit with a more sophisticated service like

paula hendricks & associates ( ph&a, ph&a studios).

Planning is critical to a successful web site — whether that site is small and straightforward or contains multimedia elements and interactive features. ph&a can help you focus and develop manageable objectives. Because the Web offers so many opportunities to communicate effectively, it is very easy to let the possibilities overwhelm budgets and objectives. Good planning helps keep things in perspective and of manageable scope.

After the planning phase, we will design and build a site that's right for you. If you prefer a modular approach to your site, we can plan and build your site in stages. Maintenance and promotion plans are developed along with your web site. To the degree possible, we attempt to build a web site that resonates with your other marketing and publicity efforts. We also provide consulting and evaluation services should you already have a web site up and running.

Focus with our Site Questionnaires

If you aren't sure how complex your site should be, our site questionnaire will help you understand the potential of a web site and your business needs in that context. ph&a is particularly good at this kind of consulting and would gladly walk through this process with you. The Web remains a "frontier" and there are no experts, but we can help you avoid major pitfalls. In addition, we are always looking to develop strong, long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Powerful insights at My Opinion

Paula Hendricks has written several articles about the Internet, the World Wide Web, web sites, and marketing in general. She has strong beliefs about these subjects... so follow the link to read some of her current observations.

ph&a is made up of independent skilled professionals, who work on projects based on the needs of that project. In particular, the web is a heavily technology-based medium that is changing rapidly—there is simply no way for one person to stay on top of all the dynamics. On-line and off-line teams provide whatever knowledge or skill is required by your business/ site/ marketing efforts. Our resources include seasoned professionals (marketers, graphic designers, writers, editors, photographers, and musicians) and, importantly, computer "maestros" with business experience and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest technologies. We have also developed alliances with web space providers to ensure your site is easily and reliably accessible. The flexibility of ph&a provides quick response to changing market conditions and your business needs.


Because ph&a limits its client base, you will get the personal attention of Paula Hendricks and be able to benefit from her many years of advertising and marketing experience as well as her talents and experience as a working artist (writer-photographer). Over the years it has become apparent that she is a synthesizer, a catalyst, a translator—and in the world of the web, these are particularly valuable skills.

Paula works with a diverse client base—from large corporations to working artists. Her focus is on companies and people that value personal service and individual insight. Paula's experiences in classic packaged goods marketing have proven as relevant when applied to products, companies, and individuals interested in the spice of life. To see her résumé or examples of her personal work, follow these links:


What do others have to say about Paula Hendricks? Comments from clients and colleagues attest to her creativity, resourcefulness, and professionalism. For more complete testimonials, follow the link below.

  • "highly motivated, disciplined"
  • "thoughtful, mature style"
  • "exceptional ability to distill information quickly"
  • "strong organizational skills"
  • "versatile"
  • "the single indispensable player"
  • "professional"

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