The incredible bath.

Don & Jean Washburn. Interview at their home.

Pipe burst, house flooded, found Marcos through cleanup process.

House in Sandia Heights - 15-18 years old.

Don in the service, moved a lot -- working for UCLA on loan to Philips Labs, project director, airborne laser experiments.

Jean -- St Joseph's, community care managemtnt, Nursing.

"Marcos walked in -- in process of bidding for insurance job for flood -- made our drawing, we kept adding, changing -- almost on a daily basis -- can you change this?

Hands on. Evolving. Didn't know what they wanted.

"Got" into his process. Artistic. didn't just see the job. Raised ceiling in study, curved barbecue, banco -- M's idea. Move bbq out. V good sense of proportion. Had a really good eye.

Added 1300 sq ft. Garage, MBR

What did you want? in the MBR? One of the things -- wanted a jacuzzi tub -- loook out with/ D wanted a walk-in shower -- with glass block.

J wanted shower there - committed to glass block.

M was "awesome" -- saw a "killer" shower at the home show -- but was too expensive -- so he did one himself. He did the design with M & J and Kevin (tile man)...

This whole thing has been a particular process

He offered improvements if they could be made.

Brad - wood. Suggested they think about it "this" way.

Didn't nickel and dime me.

When concrete guy was here -- enlarged closet 3'.

He knew what we wanted. What $$ we had. A lot of trust.

Poulin wanted 50% markup on all materials.

Collaborated a whole bunch

Don's shape - shower. Curved wall. Mixed materials. Thought I was going to frew frew (Jean) -- purple and mauve. I would have picked something that would have been dated in 5 years. He wouldn't let me.

Granite. Urban, elegant. Tumblestone. Marble. Rosa Perlina. Banged up.

Cabinets -- Hank's House-- interative w/ us. Same cabinets k and bath. maple with red stain (cherry?) and white wash. Mix of elements. Easy to take care of. Easier than glass block. Hard water.

J likes -- M turned us on, keeps room

Radiant heat, BR, bath. All new places. Study. "Boy, we like it."

6 extra skylights.

Structo-lite -- talked me out of it.

Marcos -- bar in "new" Fred Harvey hotel at airport.

3 of 5 awards last year -- no one knew who he was. before he was hired.

Does some small jobs too.

Went to see Fred Harvey hotel. Before signing contract. Liked what we saw. J.


"I like spaces you can really live in."

Marcos A.A. Gonzales (Antonio Alejandro), Lorca Corporation, Master Builders

How start? "I've been building things all my life. My brother and I were in charge of rebuilding all the horse corrals. We were always building tunnels and forts. Nothing much to do. We built a 30-40' tower out of blocks.'

Born and raised here. Travelled and lived -- Alaska, CA, CO, AZ.

Learned more and more about technology. Malls, Commercial. used --- lasers. Involved in the exansion of the mint. Pt McGoo. Weapons integrated lab. Super hi tech.

Learned as much as he could. School. Went back. Mechanical engineering. Liberal arts. Policital science. International relations. Asian studies minor. Speaks Japanese.

Love architecture/ art of asia. Childhood fascination.

Family -- 2 sisters, 1 bro -- art pursuit -- innate -- parents supportive. St classical guitar, drawing. Bro - painter; sis - ballet; sis-violin.

Supported self/ school -- renovations -- to stay alive.

Restored old building. Stonework in Santa Fe

Set co up -- tools, Toyota Cellica, samsonite suitcase (all tools fit)

Brad Humble -- wood -- not a partner, but strong working relationship. He's phenomenal. He runs projects. From the beginning. First person ever hired. Has a degree in cultural anthropology. Great sense of aesthetics, history behind buildings.

Just after grad -- started co --'90.

A lot has to do with dealing with the people. Being able to generate creative ideas.

Greatest strength? Helping people articulate their vision.

Why was this a special room? Call them tootsie rolls/ brown stucco.

Redrew plans for whole thing in 2 weeks.

REally special. Had basic parameter, knew look, but kept developing both busy/ perfectionist..

Tracing paper. Every night don doodled.

Knew it was only way it was going to work -- really hard, but...

Trust. Have that trust with most jobs. Used to take on "all" jobs.

Interview me but I interview them too

Felt I could trust em and it would work in the end and we could something special.

It was fun to work on their job -- we had creative license. We ended up integrating everything -- views, surroindings, materials, architectual details.

*A real process*

SEcond story neighbors could see into new BR -- portal angled to block view, yet allow to see mountian.

Built allowances in -- so "ball parks". Really very good. (like what I did with ad bud glts ??)

Lose sight of whole if you do it item by item. I made money off this job.

We didnt' want just a square. LIke curved forms -- and curves as transitions.

Don said let's build this w/ curved wall.

STart from scratch, ripped out cement.

Big shower -- wanted (for both)

Nice vanity w/ plenty of space (both)

Mountain bike - window. Tub to back -- run cable in -- relax.

Fun. Had tub fitted to Don -- at the spa co. We tried it out. Jets set up to work lower back and upper back and feet. And just reach up to adjust controls. No tension on his body (he has back trouble)

Stonework -- match k. hand cut Italina stone. Rosa Verona. marble. quarried in Italy.

Using a lot of imported material. Don use native stone. Not hard enough fo what we want to do. Most Italian. Some Mexican.

Granite from Spain. orbicular -- matrix with "orbs" -- Sandia mountains.

Like. timeless. Stonework, tile work. Rarely use plastics/ laminates.

I just love stone. Collected rocks since I was a little boy. Wanted to be an archaeologist. Geologist.

Love to build in the old tradition and live in the 21st century. Include high technology -- hidden and yet functioning. Radiant heat. Complete systems

Shower. Mixed stones. Black granite trim - sophisticated/ modernity. Reversed shelves -- and didn't look directly into shower. (made a column)

Seamless/ beveled -- didn't want to break it up visually

Old light fixtures -- verdigris. Incorporated all that.

Naturally wanted a huge walkin closet -- +/- 300 sq ft. A system with flexibility -- Bud at Classic closets...

Bullnosed throughtout house.

Heated and cooled -- in floor radiant -- operational window -- bath -- bar, capuccino bar/ refrig...

2 person shower -- wanted glass block shower, but with space limitations, not enough room. Glass leaves room open [looking]

Powder coated metal/ glass/ seams -- match ceiling. top metal trim of shower.

Skylights allow for natural light off stonework. Natural spectrum of colors -- more comfortable. Minimizes use of energy.

They had a good sense of humor -- I like to think the relationship just doesn't end when the project is over... that the relationship will go on.

That's neat. A fun part of what we do.

Not a breeze. Logistics were difficult, busy and live there.

I don't take the job if I don't get something creative out of it. I've been lucky -- fortunate. I won't start unless I like them and they like me -- and we can feed ideas back and forth.

The plans will change. It's inevitable. Need flexibility to work through the changes.

The bathroom is representative of the whole project -- but only 1 piece

so what do you call this "syle" -- I keep wanting to nail -- Southwest Italina Villa. jokingly.

LIving space -- not just a place to go to sleep. Designed to move furniture around. Part of out doors. MBR.


If at all possible -- crew -- i owe a lot to the guys on our crew. all eclectics -- can do everyting. I'll give them creative license. Would you / could you...

word of mouth... recognize them as they come into your realm

The people (all my clients) all feel comfortable with the guys -- no problems.

Education -- probably highest ed crew. Degrees/ different subjects.

Perservere -- do things.

Suzanne (wife) -- looks and says they'll work or not... second conscience. guiding light.. helps me a lot.

Just recently started building homes (as opp to renovate) -- Algodones -- quarry stone for foundation -- old way.

Still doing commercial work -- Fred harvey -- Camel Rock Casino --

Like to do special funky things no one can touch.

Restore old -- 1 sheet of paper -- spec sheet -- scaled it and built it.

Do the project we want to do

feng shui.